New Name!

Hey friends!  Boy it has been a while!

I’m still in the process of doing some chapter writings for all of you.  Dawning of the Drensker will be coming back soon, but between the holidays coming up, streaming, YouTube, and work things have gotten a bit crazy.  But I’m looking forward to bringing the McNeals and their friends back soon.

You might have also noticed that my name has changed from KevaRose to KevaLilly.  This was because I discovered on YouTube there was someone with a name identical to mine.  This was making it very difficult for people to find my channel because when they would search for me, it came up with a different profile instead!  Due to this, and in fairness to the other channel, I’ve decided to change my name across all platforms from KevaRose to KevaLilly, which I do like very much.  So not to worry, it’s still me!  You may see “KevaRose” written in various places still around my website.  I surely cannot go back and change every single location.  Just know that from this point forward, KevaRose is now KevaLilly.

Look for some new channel art coming soon as well!  I’d like to keep my yellow rose since that has become a symbol for my channels.  I’ll see what I can come up with.

Thanks again my friends, and I will catch you all soon!

  • KevaLilly

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