A Sims 4 Challenge! Homeward Bound: A Rags to Riches Story

Hey there friends!  That’s right!  I made my very first Sims 4 Challenge!  Since this is my first one ever, try not to be too tough on me.  😉  I would love some feedback so please check it out and give it a try!  This challenge is designed for bloggers and writers as well as video creators as well!  Have fun and good luck!

I am currently playing out this challenge on livestreams on my twitch page, which you can view here as an example.  The beginning streams were me testing out the bugs of my original ideas.  Now that the bugs have been fixed, we are playing the finalized version.

Starting Rules & Background Info

This is a story-based Let’s Play challenge for The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs.  It is a rags to riches type of challenge.  I have not seen a rags to riches challenge like this one out in the content creation world so please do not be hard on me if there is something exactly like this already out there.  There are many various Rags to Riches stories for The Sims out at this time, but the one below is KevaLilly’s version!


  • To set up, first begin by creating a new save and create a household with a set of parents. Use random genetics to create two teen siblings.  They can be male or female.  Choose one of the teens to be your main sim.
  • Your main sim will be set around the age of 18 and their sibling will be younger than them. You can choose how close in age the teen sibling is to your main sim.
  • Lastly in Create a Sim, go to Create a Pet and choose a puppy for your main sim. The puppy can be any breed but must have the hunter trait.  The other two are your choice.
  • After saving the family, move the family into a random lot. You may use freerealestate to pick your lot.  The idea is to make it seem like your sim has lived in this home his or her entire life.
  • For story purposes, you may give the parents a job and set their career levels. This is optional.
  • Go into your game options and be sure aging has been turned on.
  • Set the aging speed to normal or long. Long is recommended.  You may do Short if you wish for a greater challenge.
  • Return to your family and kill the parents of your main sim. You may do so in any way you wish.  Emotional deaths are recommended.
  • After the parents are dead, release their spirits so your sim is not bothered by the ghosts.
  • Take your main sim at this time and create a new household with the teen and puppy. You must leave their sibling at their parents’ house.  The sibling will not have a job. 
  • Move your new household, your chosen teen and puppy, into the 20×20 beach lot in Brindleton Bay.
  • Demolish the house.
  • With the leftover household funds, buy your teen the following items for the lot:
    • Tent
      Chairs for the table
      Dog bowl
      (CC object for storytelling. This item is optional)
  • After purchasing the above items, reduce your household funds to $1 by using the set household funds cheat. (Money 1)
  • When your funds have been set, get your teen a part-time job. They must choose either retail, barista, or fast food. 
  • Once they have a job, you can start caring for your sim. Send them out into the world of Brindleton Bay to hunt for items they can sell to earn money.  Remember that they will have to still dedicate time to their schoolwork, their job, and caring for the puppy.
  • Use the money your sim has earned through working and collecting to upgrade objects and buy new ones.
  • You may not go back to your parent’s house for any reason even if your sibling invites you there. You must ignore the call.  Your sim will only go there when it is time to age up.  You may use the homes of other Sims to shower and eat; however, be aware not all Sims may be very accepting of this.  Use this opportunity to make friends and build your sim’s character values.

Aging Rules:

You may manually age your teen sim up to a Young Adult only after they have done the following:
– Reached the top of their part time job career (level three)
– Obtained an A in school.
– Be in range to earn at least two positive character values.

Use objects and situations to help build your teen sim’s character values.

You may have your sim earn a negative trait if you wish, but they must have two positive ranged traits also.

Cheat Rules:

Aside from the cheats above, no other cheats may be used including the money cheat or make happy cheat.  If you sim becomes stuck; however, you may use the debug cheat.

Animal Rules: 

  • You may not manually age up the puppy to a dog.
  • You can only have one dog at a time.
  • You may obtain a cat only after you have built a home.
  • You may only have one dog and one cat at a time.
  • You may manually give your cat the prowler trait, but you cannot remove its other two traits if you adopt one with pre-made traits. Choose wisely.
  • When your cat or dog dies, you may obtain another and manually give it the hunter/prowler traits if you wish; however, the above bullet still applies if you adopt an animal with pre-made traits.
  • Use the hunter/prowler traits to send your dog and cat hunting for objects you can sell.

How do I win the challenge?

  • The challenge is concluded when you and your significant other have earned at least $100,000 in household funds combined.  After that, you may continue with this challenge as a Let’s Play if you would like.

How do I fail the challenge?

  • You fail the challenge if your main sim dies before earning $100,000 in household funds, or if you use any cheats that you are forbidden to use.

Other Details:

  • Create your own backstory regarding how your sim’s parents died and why your sim survived. Talk about what the sibling does and explain their upbringing.  Creators’ choice.  Go into as much detail as possible, especially if you are a writer.  Talk about your teen’s emotions while he or she lives on their own.  Why did they choose to leave?  Why are they refusing to go back to their parent’s house?
  • For an example, this is my main sim’s backstory, currently in progress and subject to change:
    • Lizzie was raised in a small, ordinary home in Willow Creek with her parents and younger brother, Jack. She just turned 18 in the summer before her senior year of high school.  Lizzie earned fairly good grades and was planning on going to college someday; although, she was undecided as to what.  For her 18th birthday, her parents bought her what she had been asking for years to obtain:  a puppy named Rex.  The German Shepherd-Dalmatian mix was only a few months old and adored by Lizzie in every way.
    • Two days before her first day of her senior year, both of her parents died suddenly from cardiac arrest leaving her and her brother without parents.  Because Lizzie is 18, she is a legal adult and therefore; not able to be admitted into an orphanage.  Grief-stricken, emotional, and plagued by frequent nightmares after witnessing the death of her parents, Lizzie decides it would be best if she left home to start her life over.  Jack protested this and insisted she stay, but Lizzie felt this would be the best for her and her mental health.  Though emotional himself over the deaths, Jack is able to handle the situation better than Lizzie.  Still, he respects her decision to leave.
    • With nothing but her dog and the items she was able to take from her parent’s home, Lizzie journeys on her bike to a vacant lot in Brindleton Bay.  She enrolled herself back in school and refuses to allow her situation to stop her from succeeding in her dreams.  To ensure Jack isn’t taken by authorities, she legally files for full custody of him and allows him to continue living at their parent’s home by himself as he requested.  They are close in age and she trusts him to be well, but sadly, the death took such a toll on Lizzie that she rarely now speaks to anyone, including her brother; saddening him.  She refuses to return to her parents’ house; too haunted by the memories of her parents’ deaths; secluding herself from everyone and feeling ashamed at her decision to leave home.  Still, she tries not to allow her emotions to stop her.  Lizzie buckles down and works hard at trying to make it on her own with just her dog, Rex, by her side.  She quickly realizes that it is much harder than she thought it was going to be.


The premise of the challenge is to go from having next to nothing to a house, marriage, and start a family, all while helping your sim overcome what he or she has endured.

This challenge is designed for streamers, YouTubers, and writers!  Use screenshots, lots of details, and let your imagination run with this challenge.  Be aware that raising a teen on a near-empty lot with a puppy and a part time job is quite difficult, but you can master it!

Do you see any holes or have any questions?  Let me know!  This is Keva’s first challenge and is happy to hear any feedback.  Be sure to link me your stories, and upload the Sims you made for this challenge on the gallery using #homewardkeva

Good luck and have fun!


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