The Super Sim Challenge!

Challenge Originator:  TheSimSupply
Watch his series and find out more about his challenge here:  Super Sim Challenge YouTube Playlist

This is the Super Sim Challenge – with a twist!

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This challenge focuses on taking one Sim, and essentially beating the game with him or her.  The goal is to max out every skill, achieve every aspiration, and reach the top of every career, among other things!

In the original rules, you would typically start off with a Young Adult sim.  For our version, we will be birthing our Super Sim and starting off the challenge by maxing out all toddler skills!  This challenge can be down either by a Let’s Play, or SimLit!  The rules are below:


Beginning & General Information

Set lifespan accordingly.  Long is recommended.

Recommendation:  Prior to the birth of the child, have your adult sims stockpile their satisfaction points.  Use them to buy the Potion of Youth.  As a toddler and child, your super sim will not be able to obtain this drink; therefore, it is recommended that your adult sims keep this potion on them at all times to give to the child.

CC is allowed.

While I am unsure what the final call is on this is from the original creator, I am going to say NO cheats – unless you need to reset your Sim due to glitches.

If you need to “cheat” their needs, you may only do so by using their satisfaction points to buy Need Potions.  Do not rely on this as you will need those satisfaction points later in the challenge.

However – when building your home you may use an unlimited amount of money, as this is not considered to be a rags to riches story.  Once you have built your home; however, you may not use the money cheat after that.  Make sure your Sims have plenty of money left over for future renovations and bills.

Necessary packs for this challenge:
  All expansions and all game packs

  • This is due to the necessary skills and jobs that your sim will need to fully complete.  If you do not own a certain game pack or expansion that includes a skill, aspiration, or job, you may ignore the requirement for that particular job.
    • For example, if you do not own Jungle Adventures, you do not need to complete the two Jungle Adventures Game Pack aspirations that came with the pack.

Super Sim friendships (optional)

As a fun extra, I personally have decided to create two additional sims who will always stay the same age as my super sim.  These two sims will act as the super sim’s friends.  I came up with this idea due to thinking how lonely it will be for our super sim after they outlive all of their family and friends.  You may choose to do this as well, but if you are doing this as a recorded Let’s Play, please do not age them down on recordings.  Do this off-camera.  You may cheat to obtain the aspiration points for these Sims in order to buy the Potion of Youth if you desire.  These sims are extras.

03-17-18_11-01-47 AM

Do not create more than two sims for the sake of simplicity.


Life Stages:

  • Baby

Care for the little one as normal.  You may choose to wait until the baby is ready to age up to a toddler naturally, or right away.

  • Toddler

Give the toddler a makeover, if desired, and choose their personality.  Independent is the recommended trait.

If you own Parenthood, start working on their character values now.  This will make your life easier later on.

The toddler cannot age up until they have achieved the highest level in all five toddler traits:  Movement, Potty, Imagination, Thinking, and Communication.

  • Child

When your toddler becomes a child, give them a makeover as desired and choose their traits.  Genius is recommended.

Your child is your primary focus over the other adults in the family.  Before your Super Sim child can become a teenager, the child must earn the following:

  • Your child must max out all of the child-specific skills:  Creativity, Mental, Motor, and Social
    – Note:  You don’t have to max out any skills other than these; however, you can get a head start if you desire once your child has maxed their child-related skills.
  • Your child must earn an A in school.
  • Your child must complete all child aspirations.

If you own Parenthood, continue to work on their Character Values and get them into the green or red.  All five Character Values must hit their max (green or red) before your teen Super Sim ages into a young adult.  It is up to you whether you want to max them into the green or red.

  • Teenager

As a Teen, give your sim a makeover if desired.  At this stage, your teen is your number one priority.  Focus more on them more than the others in the household.

Before your teen can become a Young Adult, the following must be accomplished:

  • Your teen must earn an A in school
  • Your teen must max out all five character values (Parenthood only)
  • Your teen must reach the top level in every part-time career.

Ensure you are buying the Potion of Youth for your teen using their, or their parent’s, aspiration points.  You will likely need this potion starting at this stage.

You do not need to max out aspirations or skills at this stage; however, it is recommended that your teen start working on these now so you have less to worry about when your sim becomes a young adult.

Reminder:  If you are aging any sims along with your Super Sim (for friends or a future relationship) ensure you continue to do this when you are not playing with your Super Sim.

  • Young Adult – Elder

This is where it becomes challenging.  At this stage, your Sim must continue working on all skills, aspirations, collectibles, and jobs.  Before your Sim dies, you must complete the following:

  • Max the top level of every skill that you own the packs for.
    • If you own packs that came with skills, such as Get Together (Dancing and DJ) or Spa Day (Wellness) you must max those skills and all others.  If you do not own a pack, you do not need to worry about those missing skills.
  • Max the top level of every career
  • Max the top of every aspiration
  • Collect every collectible in the game
    • Collectibles go by households and not single sims per the game; therefore, you may use other members within your household to help you accomplish this task.

Items to note:

It is recommended that when choosing your aspiration, choose a career that will help you further this as well.

Your Sim may get married, have a family, and own pets.  In order to accomplish several of the tasks above, this is recommended.

Like you can with other sims of your choice, you may age down pets if you desire; but, make sure your main focus is on your Super Sim.

As mentioned before, in order to keep your Sims from aging while you accomplish these tasks you will need to purchase them the Potion of Youth from the Aspiration Point store.  These potions cost over 1,000 points so make sure you don’t waste those points.  Once your Sim ages up, you cannot age them back down.


If your sim dies for any reason before you have managed to max everything in the game, you lose the challenge.  You may not pick up where your Sim left off previously with another Sim.  You will need to create a new Sim and start again.

Houses and Worlds

Your Sim may live in any world you would like and their home can be anything that you wish to design.  Be sure to include as many hobby items in your home as possible as this will help you in the challenge.


As I personally learn more about the challenge, these rules are subject to change!  The rules and guidelines above are what we will be following here on my channels.  This is a long series and could take a while, but our Super Sim is ready!

If you’re a storyteller, give your challenge a story!  Why does your Super Sim always stay younger than everyone else around them?  Is it an illness?  What are their emotions like?  What is their upbringing like that makes them want to do what they do?  Play with life!  Have fun and imagine up some tales!

Enjoy and don’t forget to give my Twitch a follow so you’ll know when I’ll be streaming the Super Sim Challenge Live!

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