Furnish My Super Sim’s World

On my Twitch page we are playing The Super Sim Challenge.  Check out here for more information!  The Super Sim Challenge

Harper is our Super Sim and she needs a world to grow in.  I am looking for creations from YOU, my loyal viewers for my Super Sim save file!

This photo from my Twitter page will give you more information:

Furnish my World Super Sim

Also to note:  NO Custom Content PLEASE!  

While I do use Custom Content (CC) in my game, my CC may not be the same CC that you use.  Due to this, if I try to download your items and I don’t have the same CC that your Sims or builds have, they will not show up in my game.  With your permission I am happy to give your townies some custom skins, makeup, hair, etc if you wish.  However – I would prefer for you to be present in the stream to give me your thoughts before I change your characters, as these were created by you and not myself.

Once the save file is full, I will be releasing the file on my website for all of you as a way to say thank you for your assistance!

Thank you everyone, and I cannot wait to see what you come up with for Harper!



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