About The Author

Hello buds!

Just who is KevaLilly?

I am a avid lover of The Sims franchise and have been since 2000.  Apart from this, I’ve been an active writer since the age of seven, and a gamer in general since DOS.

(Can you figure out how old I am based on that?)  

I live in America along the Mid-Atlantic states (New York to Virginia)  I’ve never been out of the country before but I hope someday that will change.  Germany, England, and Australia are all on my bucket list.

I love taking trips to both the beach and the mountains.  Don’t ask me to choose which one I prefer because I love them both equally.  I am a summer-girl at heart when it comes to a weather preference.  I love the sunshine and cool breezes, but I do love snow as well (as long as I don’t have to drive in it!)

The name Keva Lilly is derived from three aspects.  Originally, my name was Keva Rose.  Rose was because I love yellow roses because of both the color and their symbolic meaning of friendship.  Rose was changed to Lilly towards the end of 2017.  “Lilly” was always a name I liked and hearing it resembled a sense of peace and joy to me.  Regarding my first name, Keva, somewhere in my real name is also the letter K, and Eva is a nickname I go by in a history group that I’m a part of outside of the gaming world.

Physical fitness is very important to me so I work out everyday.  Towards the end of 2016 I became very ill and couldn’t work out or do anything physical.  This was when I discovered the YouTube world of other Sims players who inspired me to create my own videos.  I’m currently learning as I go and really enjoying myself.  I don’t have a degree in design and YouTube was still very new when I was in college so there were no courses in video editing being offered at the time; however, you’re never too old to learn something new!

Thanks for stopping by everyone and be sure to hit me up on my social media sites if you ever have any questions or comments!

– KevaLilly