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Dawning of the Drensker (The Sims 4)In Progress
Current Amount of Generations:  Three
Bio:  This is a legacy series focusing on the many lives of the Drensker generation.  This series is overall tightly based around realism using the names of real US states, global names, and towns instead of the pre-made world and town names in The Sims 4.  Age progression is slow to allow more time to dramatize situations and life lessons in detail.  A few chapters have been marked and may contain graphic written details.  The links below contain all of the chapters to each series, as well as other details about the town and characters.  

  • Dawning of the Drensker: Generation I
    A typical suburban family living the simple life in Waco, Texas.  Features Elizabeth Drensker and her husband, Adam and their three children Emily, Zachariah and Olivia.
  • Dawning of the Drensker (Generation II)
    The second generation of Dawning of the Drensker.  Elizabeth and Adam’s oldest daughter, Emily, is all grown up and married with her own children, but her story did not have a happy beginning.  Now the young mother of three just purchased her first home with her family in Greenwood Springs, Texas – a fictional town located three hours south of Waco.  Follow her story as she meets new friends, supports her younger siblings, and guides her children through the trials of life just like Elizabeth and Adam did for her.
  • Dawning of the Drensker (Generation III)
    Note:  This generation has gone digital!  Please see and subscribe to my YouTube site for the episodes.  Detailed written chapters based upon these digital episodes will be posted on this website and found in the above link!
    The third generation of Dawning of the Drensker.  Emily and her husband’s children are all grown up with families and lives of their own.  One of the children takes over as the narrator, and the story follows their lives, as well as their siblings and friends, as they grow and overcome life’s many challenges.

Topical Connections(The Sims 3) – CONCLUDED
Amount of Generations:  
 After enduring a house fire as a teenager that left her homeless, Hannah and her three brothers and parents stuck together and moved many times.  After graduating college, Hannah married Timothy McDoyal.  With nothing to lean on except her immediate family and new friends when tough problems began to arise, Hannah quickly realized that she had to remain strong, especially for her daughters Chloe and Anna.